New Years Resolution: „Get Things Done“

The end of the year is high season for all those „self management“ and „self improvement“ instructions. And I must say some of them are quite interesting, yet very simple:

  1. keep everything out of your head
  2. decide actions and outcomes when things first emerge on your radar, instead of later
  3. regularly review and update the complete inventory of open loops of your life and work

(from mimezone wiki) has even got an own tag for „getting things done“-related links (gtd)

Aren’t they sweet?

Help the three lost members [of the tiny people] reunite with the rest of their group by guiding them through three different environements and you will be rewarded.

Quest For The Rest is such a nice online game, if you like the tactic- / think-game genre.

The game promotes the music the album „Together We’re Heavy“ from Polyphonic Spree, which you can hear while playing.

You can download a video and two mp3-songs if you manage to finish all three levels of the game. that’s the prize! 😉