Monatsarchiv: Januar 2006

New Economy Crash Collector is Back

The German website dotcomtod is back online as Boocompany. It’s purpose is to publish news about „exit-oriented“ companies. Posting a „BOO“ about a crashing new economy company was very fashy in 2001. The current „BOOs“ are mostly about offline companies. Let’s see when the internet companies are leading the list again! 😉 (via Netzeitung)

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Smell blood

Jeffrey Zeldman from A List Apart wrote a rant about Web 2.0: But nothing […] was as exciting as the scent of money. As the first properly valued “Web 2.0” properties began to find buyers, a frenzy like the old one popped hideously back to life. Yahoo spent how much? Google bought what? Here was […]

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No, Lycos iQ is not Web 2.0

Lycos just launched a new question & answer service (user-to-user) and calls it Lycos iQ. It has a lot of features which are part of the current „web 2.0“ hype (e.g. social interaction, tags, Trebuchet font… 😉 ). But in the registration process Lycos iQ is not Web 2.0 at all. It is far too […]

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Back in Germany in Mid-March

I changed my flight ticket to Germany today. I will arrive in Frankfurt on March, 14th at 7am. So I’ll be in Berlin in the early afternoon. Before that I’ll have a 14-hours stay in Bahrain. Let’s see what I can do there. 😉 Changing a flight date with „Gulf Air“ was really a hassle. […]

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Osho about the word

Take five minutes to hear what the famous guru Osho has to say about the word „fuck„. I didn’t know gurus had such a good sense of humor!

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