Studies about mobile Business

In the „mobile business“ course our lecturer gave us some interesting web-links. Here are some quotations from these pages:

Forrester: There are 1.5 billion mobile telecom users today — a quarter of the world’s population.

Forrester predicts that total traffic from all mobile messaging types will grow by 92% over the next five years. […] Revenues from SMS, MMS, video messaging, IMPS, and mobile email[…] will, however, only grow by 10% to €21 billion by the end of 2010 as unit prices drop.

IDC anticipates that by 2009, over 30 million U.S. wireless subscribers will be consuming commercial video/TV content and services over their wireless devices.

EITO [PDF]: German ICT market growth:
2004: 2.6%
2005: 3.4%
2006: 3.1%

According to Ovum, the analyst and consulting company, corporate instant messaging usage will double in 2005.

Ovum: Germany, with 6.9 million broadband connections in 2004, has fallen to 13th place in Europe, behind Italy, in terms of broadband penetration per household. […] We believe this is changing now. […] nobody should doubt that the broadband revolution has just begun in Germany.