Running in Freiburg – I can see the track from space now (and much clearer)

A few days ago I played with, a web community where you can publish routes you like to run on Google Maps. So I created a running route along the river Dreisam in Freiburg. Unfortunately the GMap was very blurry. But today I read on Netzeitung that a higher resolution for Freiburg is available. Now I can compare and I must say, the route I created fits the map pretty well. 🙂  But maybe I can optimize it. So… where can I move the waypoints on an existing route now in

The productivity tool for the little things

Have a look at my newest project: FuzzyDo – the productivity tool for the little things. It’s supposed to be a little lifehack reminding you of things which are too small for your normal to-do list (or recurring endlessly). You know: Cleaning, going to the gym, calling mum, etc.

You can decide if the friendly daily reminder comes by e-mail or RSS. And you can tick things off right there! It won’t interfere with any self management strategy, neither the „GTD – Getting Things Done“ approach nor any other.
Try it and register for free on FuzzyDo!

And please be patient with the design – I will work on it in my spare time. 😉 You can discuss about this little to-do manager in the FuzzyDo Forum and find out more on the FuzzyDo Blog.

Mobile Phone Ghettoblasters

I spotted a new trend and it really annoyes me: Using the mobile phone as a ghettoblaster.

(Rant on:)

Almost everytime I use the public transportation in Berlin, there is somebody who listens to music with his/her cellphone and the loudspeaker on. But the sound quality was far better on the cassette tape recorders back in the 80s (you know the ones with the rapping street kids in front of it).

How can it be that somebody enjoys the squeaky noise? Why don’t they get earphones to have the best quality? Do they just forget their headset hat home?

How can something like that be considered „cool“!?

(End of rant. I feel much better now 🙂 )