Internet is everywhere

A few weeks back I met a Danish journalist at his car (with German number plate) in Church Street in Bangalore. Yes, it is very unusual to meet somebody who made it from Europe to India by car. He drives around the world and sends his reports and interviews back home to Danish newspapers. He was on the road since two months and planned to visited about 40 countries during his trip.

I asked him what the most useful tool was for him so far. I expected something like a Swiss army knife or a satellite phone, but it was much simpler: He said he found it most convenient that there were Internet cafes all around. „Also in Russia and Iran?“, I asked. He smiled and said: „Sure. And it’s just so convenient to send the articles and photos back home instantly. And the people in Iran are so nice and friendly!“

For a moment I seriously considered to hitch-hike back home, it just sounded so easy.