Back in Germany in Mid-March

I changed my flight ticket to Germany today. I will arrive in Frankfurt on March, 14th at 7am. So I’ll be in Berlin in the early afternoon. Before that I’ll have a 14-hours stay in Bahrain. Let’s see what I can do there. 😉

Changing a flight date with „Gulf Air“ was really a hassle. I tried their website first and expected some online tool to change a flight. But there wasn’t even a phone number on the website. So I asked my favorite travel agent where the office was. I had to go there four times:

  1. When I went there first last Friday, it was closed without showing office timings anywhere.
  2. So I had bad luck and it was closed an Saturday noon, the second time I tried.
  3. The third time, today, they where open but told me I should come back again because they had to wait for some approval from the Frankfurt office.
  4. The fourth time, today evening, I got it finally!

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