No, Lycos iQ is not Web 2.0

Lycos just launched a new question & answer service (user-to-user) and calls it Lycos iQ. It has a lot of features which are part of the current „web 2.0“ hype (e.g. social interaction, tags, Trebuchet font… 😉 ).

But in the registration process Lycos iQ is not Web 2.0 at all. It is far too curious:

Bitte gib dein Geschlecht an.
Bitte gib deinen Vornamen an.
Bitte gib deinen Nachnamen an.
Du hast unseren AGB noch nicht zugestimmt.

(asking for gender, first name, last name, acceptance of terms of service)

It gets even worse a few lines further down:

Ich möchte die Lycos News nicht erhalten [ ]

„I don’t want to recieve the ‚Lycos News‘ [ ]“ (unchecked check box at the end of the line)

And another mean question:

Ich möchte auf mich zugeschnittene Angebote und Informationen von ausgewählten Lycos Partnern erhalten, welche mir entweder von Lycos oder direkt vom jeweiligen Partner postalisch und per eMail zugeschickt werden. () Ja () Nein

„I would like to recieve personalized offers and information from selected Lycos partners, who will be sent directly from the particular partner to my postal or by e-mail. () yes () no“ (yes/no radio buttons at the end of the line)

Is this kindergarten or what? I thought the times where I had to go through these trick questions are over!

I would give you my personal profile for free if I get anything meaningful out of the service (as I do on for example). But I do not want to recieve anything which smells like „special offers and information“ or other spam!

(via Werbeblogger)