Mobile Phone Ghettoblasters

I spotted a new trend and it really annoyes me: Using the mobile phone as a ghettoblaster.

(Rant on:)

Almost everytime I use the public transportation in Berlin, there is somebody who listens to music with his/her cellphone and the loudspeaker on. But the sound quality was far better on the cassette tape recorders back in the 80s (you know the ones with the rapping street kids in front of it).

How can it be that somebody enjoys the squeaky noise? Why don’t they get earphones to have the best quality? Do they just forget their headset hat home?

How can something like that be considered „cool“!?

(End of rant. I feel much better now 🙂 )

Ein Gedanke zu „Mobile Phone Ghettoblasters“

  1. An idea: Take some speech you really like, load that into the mobile device, pump up the propaganda, and off you go.

    Would that be the New Noise?

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