Gold Rush in India

The Times of India writes on its page-one article:

There’s an atmosphere of entrepreneurship everywhere you look. It’s much bigger than what we saw during the dotcom boom.

If that’s not the Second Hype here in Bangalore, then what!? 🙂

US Military should know where to shoot

While searching for geodata on the internet I stumbled upon this message on

Place name errors have been discovered in the GEOnet Names Server (GNS) over Afghanistan and Pakistan. Use GNS information for these countries with caution.

I hope they found that out in a peaceful way.

Victim Photos of BPO Murder in Bangalore fake?

On December 13th, a BPO call centre agent has been raped and killed in Bangalore by a man who pretended to be her night driver. She worked for HP. The case is still in the the newspapers, because Bangalore was always considered to be very peaceful.

Yesterday a friend e-mailed me horrifying photos of a dead female body full of blood an a lot of bystanders in the background. This e-mail spreads around the IT-companies in Bangalore right now, saying it showed the victim of the BPO murder.

I had a closer look at the EXIF-metainformation of the photos. The „date taken“ field was from 13th August 2005, 5:40pm (taken with a Finepix S7000 camera).

That could mean the photos were taken four months before the murder. So either the camera was not set correctly, or they showed a different case.

When I get e-mails forwarded, I always try to be very suspicious about their authenticity. Many turn out to be fake or urban legends, the modern fairytales.

Update: rootburn points out two articles about the BPO murder, stressing that the outsourcing industry is shocked about what happend.