Aren’t they sweet?

Help the three lost members [of the tiny people] reunite with the rest of their group by guiding them through three different environements and you will be rewarded.

Quest For The Rest is such a nice online game, if you like the tactic- / think-game genre.

The game promotes the music the album „Together We’re Heavy“ from Polyphonic Spree, which you can hear while playing.

You can download a video and two mp3-songs if you manage to finish all three levels of the game. that’s the prize! 😉


BlogExplosion’s Multi-Level-Marketing

Does multi level marketing (MLM) really work? Let’s try it:

BlogExplosion promises to increase traffic to your website. How does it work? You sign up and get credit for surfing the „member blogs“. Then you can exchange your credit with page impressions.

The MLM here is the „Referral“ section. If you recommend BlogExplosion to other people, you will earn extra credits depending on how much they use it. Mike says it works for him. But I guess you need quite some traffic already.

If you want to try it out: Sign up using my referer-Link. 😉

81% aller Paare mit 2 Kindern haben Internetanschluss

Zahlen des Statistischen Bundesamtes Anfang 2004:

  • 65% der Haushalte haben einen PC
  • 47% der Haushalte k�nnen im Internet surfen
  • 72% Handy-„Ausstattungsgrad“
  • Auf 100 Haushalte kommen 108 Festnetztelefone und 115 Handys

Am besten mit Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien ausgerüstet sind die Haushalte von Paaren mit zwei Kindern. Fast 98% dieser Haushalte verfügten Anfang 2004 über einen PC, vier Fünftel (81%) hatten Internetanschluss und 93% besaßen Handys.

Eine interessante Zielgruppe! 😉

(Statistisches Bundesamt am 21.12.04 via ECIN)